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The Shendo is an online community based on the recognition that nothing happens in your life that hasn't already happened in your energy. In other words, your energy has changed before you ...

... or anything else that's happening now that wasn't happening at some point in the past.

Everything that is happening in your life or consciousness is reflecting some of your energy – an energy you can, if you have sufficient energy awareness, change or increase, (according to its nature).


The Shendo is also based on the observation that all forms of human illumination, 'enlightenment' or liberation from negative conditions – e.g. being gripped by anxiety, anger or depression – result from specific areas of your energy body opening. Over time, the energy body and the mind (which is a product of your energy) usually become increasingly closed. But this isn't inevitable ...

By changing the direction of this process of gradual decline, you naturally become able to perceive and achieve new solutions and new ways of being. Opening your energy results in new awareness, new abilities and new, higher-energy fortunes. Hundreds of shendo practitioners have experienced this over the years. The only limiting factor is how much you really want you or your life to change for the better.

The Shendo is all about cultivating the energy you need for your life and consciousness to change. This is why we say ...



The Shendo community is a result of a unique path of personal and spiritual growth, the Way of Life. This Way of reflecting on life and opening to life has been developed over more than four decades by Stephen and Lynda Kane, founders of the Institute For Advanced Health Research, Energize Your Life and the School Of Energy Awareness.

"Having helped thousands of clients and students improve their health, relationships, abundance, security, creativity and every other form of well-being, we have witnessed, on a daily basis, how changing your energy in grounded ways inevitably generates change in your life and consciousness."

The Way of Life recognises every internal or external experience as an opportunity to open more to the essential life and fortune energies that you most need. In other words, no matter your circumstances, you can employ your life as your perfect teacher and source of empowerment and liberating energy.

In short ...

Rather than conforming to rote practices or subscribing to formulaic beliefs, shendo practitioners come to see for themselves what really works for them. Your Heart's ascent transforms your karmas into expanded or higher states of consciousness as you increasingly open to all that you can be. In short, shendo is a process of individual human consciousness literally growing up.


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If you have questions about the Way of Life program and its suitability for you, do get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

We look forward to meeting you in the Shendo.